CP2106 Independent Software Development Project (Orbital)

Module: CP2106 Independent Software Development Project (Orbital)

Semester taken: AY 2019/20 Semester 1

Lecturer: Dr Zhao Jin

Tutor: None

Textbook: None

What it is about

This module is in fact offered over the summer holidays and sign-ups are open in Semester 2. You basically come up with a product over the summer holidays and present aspects of it at the end of the module, with a Splashdown during the early parts of Semester 1.

Assessment components

None. Sparing extreme cases, you definitely pass at the end. However, your level of achievement (Vostok, Project Gemini and Apollo 11) will depend on how much effort you put in to your project (or rather how much effort you show that you put in).


I have to start off by saying that this module is really how much you want to gain out of it. There are no set rules and assessment criteria as to how much effort you need to put in to pass, but definitely projects that are more impressive and requires more effort will be allowed to gain a higher level of achievement at the end of the module.

There is a Liftoff session at the start of the module where certain frameworks and tools are introduced. Afterwards, there are a total of 3 milestones in which you will have to come up with a poster and a video explaining the product that you have been building. For my team, we did not do anything throughout the whole summer holidays except for the day before the milestone deadline, where we will just hard-code the project to get it into working order for the video.

I guess our tactics got a little suspicious and my team was flagged for a re-evaluation of the level of achievement. We had to make things work somehow before we demoed the product to the module coordinator. We barely scrapped through and I eventually graduated with Project Gemini. Phew.

During Semester 1, you will have one night in which you will have to print a huge A1 poster and present your project to other people and stand to win certain prizes based on popular vote. Overall, this module is helpful if you want to just quickly clear module credits, but if you are looking for something to learn, you are better off taking another module. Also, the sign-ups tend to be filled very quickly, so look out.

Other information

Assignment workload: None

Project workload: This module is to build that one project, split into 3 milestones.

Readings: None

Recommended if: If you wish to have a very easy way to earn modular credits.

Rating: 1.0/5.

Expected grade: CS

Actual grade: CS

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